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When Eats So Good! started a little over a year ago, it was a small blog that was meant to document all of our foodventures and escapades. As it turns out though, it seems we eat more than we can post.

There’s just too much good food out there!

Aside from eating, we also love to cook and enjoy making meals for our friends and families. Despite the gracious words of encouragement received through the years, pursuing food as a business always seemed like lifetimes away. Earlier this year, when a spur of the moment opportunity came about, we finally decided to give it a try. The feedback we received was overwhelming and has cast some serious doubt on our career choices.

Since then  Eats So Good! has evolved into our little passion project.

We’re still on the fence about calling ourselves a business or a catering service, but, maybe our friend JJ Yulo won’t mind if we borrow the term food creatives for now.

Some thing to look forward to/our bucketlist:

  1. Shop our bottled pasta sauces and salad dressings
  2. Party trays & personal catering services
  3. Cooking Demos
  4. Organized food trips and tours
  5. Pop-up Restaurants
  6. A food hall kiosk or stall
  7. THE DREAM: Our own restaurant

We’re a small team, just the two of us Patrick Tang & Monse Vivencio del Rosario. We do all the buying, cleaning, prepping, and cooking ourselves. Send us a message for feedback, collaborations, partnerships!

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